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Spring Data Neo4j Relationships gets overridden

I already posted this question on stackoverflow but didn't get any response yet. have a main entity and it has a relationship with 4 other children.On the sa...

I'd like to connect a neo4j database to a simple minimalistic website where you can create objects, properties and connections simply and intuitively, (likely in a tabular format)

Like the title says, I'd like to create a site from which you can create objects, properties and connections to other objects, and store them in a neo4j database, creating a semantic web. Does anyone know how to do this?

Neo4j cypher dsl new version

In the new version of neo4j cypher DSL, the identifier does not support also some other property does not support like node, a label so anyone please tell me what is the solution for that.Thank You in Advance.

Two nodes but are actually the same

Hi Neo4j,I am currently undergone a project to create a relationship graph on customers. The graph scheme has been completed and tested, but I am currently having an issue with one particular situation.As per the graph schema above, I want to point e...


Terraform - Neo4j Cluster k8s

Hi I have created several Terraform scripts to create a neo4j cluster on k8s. Check this out and share Comments are welcome GitHub GitHub - jggomez/neo4j-k8s-terraform Contribute to jggomez/neo4j-k8s-terraform develo...

jggomez by Graph Voyager
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Barista - Client-Side Codebase as a Graph

Barista is an open-source project that aims to help Frontend developers better understand a codebase. Barista creates a Neo4j graph database from a source code, including folders, files, and import dependencies. Read a tutorial to learn how to use it...

Resolved! Recent Liquigraph releases

Hello everyone, It has been quite some time since I announced Liquigraph releases here, so let me help you catch up with the recent work the Neo4j data migration tool: Version 2.0.3 (for Neo4j 2.x) Version 3.1.1 (for Neo4j 3.x)Versions 4.0.0 and 4.0...