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Neo4j Desktop Failing to Launch

The desktop client fails to launch. No UI comes up at all when I start the desktop client. I'm not sure how to debug this further.

I have used a much older version of Neo4J and am not sure how to clean up files from previous installations. (I did delete the app from /Applications)

  • which OS do you use? use tags for that information
    Mac OS 10.15.4

  • neo4j version, desktop version, browser version

  • what kind of API / driver do you use
    The default desktop client

  • screenshot of PROFILE or EXPLAIN with boxes expanded (lower right corner)
    I can't launch the client.

  • neo4j.log and debug.log
    I can't figure out where this is after looking at File locations - Operations Manual and default neo4j-home - Google Search for 20 minutes.