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How to call db.index.fulltext.queryNodes on a nodes subset (instead of doing the search on every node in DB)?

Hello everybody!

I have the following data model:

(org:Organization {name_en:'Org name in English', 'name_fr': 'Org name in French', 'anotherProperty': 'a value'})

I configured Full-text search index on the name's properties (name_en and name_fr).

If I want to make a fuzzy search on the name, I have to write the following:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("myOrgNameIndex", 'something~') YIELD node RETURN node

But, I always have to perform a first MATCH to get a subset of org nodes based on 'anotherProperty'. So instead of doing as first operation the fuzzy search on all org nodes of my DB (a lot...), I would like first doing a MATCH with a WHERE and then calling the full-text search index based on the results of the 'first' query .

How can I do that? Is it even possible?

Already thank you for your reply.