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Finding Ad-hoc Similarity of a Node or set of nodes (without running similarity algorithm on all the nodes)

I want to know if it is possible to find Similarity of a new Node (or a set of nodes) that were newly added to the graph.

To explain in mode detail.

  • I have Jaccard Similarity calculated for nodes 1 to 100
  • I then add nodes 101
  • Is it possible to find similarity of node 101 to among nodes 1 to 100 without running similarity again on nodes 1 to 101

reason -

  • say the similarity algo runs in batches every 24 hrs at midnight, but i need similarity calculated for new nodes between those 24hrs on an ad-hoc need
  • a new node does not really exists but i just want to find the similarity


Hi Mangesh,

Documentation is here

Have you tried the targetIds or sourceIds parameters? The docs read like this might enable what you want to do, I haven't tried it myself, but perhaps all nodes in 'data' and the new nodes in 'sourceIds'?

Let me know if what you find out.

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