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About the General Discussions board

  The General Discussions board is meant as a location to ask non-technical questions either about Neo4j, or about the Graph Community in general. Use the General Discussion board for some of the following: Looking for a job OR hiring for a position...

TrevorS by Community Team
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Neo4j Won't Start Within Docker Container

I'm running Neo4j within a docker container. For some reason, it often doesn't want to start. I get the message "Changed password for user 'neo4j'. IMPORTANT: this change will only take effect if performed before the database is started for the first...

Embeddings only for selected nodes.

Let me quickly describe me graph. I have a graph that links every species by its taxon for mammals. See below small example for Hominoidea: There are five organisms (HSA, PPS, PTR, GGO, PON) at the end of this lineage. Only organisms that are at the...

Kronossos_1-1659616708240.png Kronossos_0-1659616433822.png

Resolved! Other node form as circle

Hi, I want to show some node properties  in a table and display permanently on the node (not only in tooltip). How to do it and how to change the crcle accordinly into a square ? Thanks, Michel

Michel by Node Link
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Did not receive the certificate

Team,   I've attempted 'Neo4j Certified Professional' certification and I passed the test. Unfortunately I have not received the certificate yet. Could you please help me with the same? It will be great if you can send it as soon as possible, as  I n...

Instance from Bloom to NEueler

New to graph but experienced ML practitioner. Is there a way to import a graph instance I have created in Aura and visualize it in Bloom over to Neuler so that I can perform analytics there? Am sure something simple I am missing Thanks Scott Campbell...

Resolved! How to get rid of unselected relationship in graph

I have simple query to generate graph  CREATE (n1:TNode {id: 1}), (n2:TNode {id:2}) MERGE (n1)-[:CONNECTED {id: 1}]->(n2) MERGE (n1)-[:CONNECTED {id: 2}]->(n2) And then I retrieve using  MATCH (n1:TNode)-[r:CONNECTED {id : 1}]->(n2:TNode) return n1, ...

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Specify Database with Neo4J Import Tool

Is it possible to specify which database to use with the importer tool linked below? We have an internal instance of neo4j running and it seems to want to use the default neo4j database. Thanks!

bSharp by Node
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