I'm Fernando, Co-founder and CTO/CPO at Jovens Gênios, a brazilian education startup ( My main areas of interest are: entrepreneurship, education, software development and machine learning.

Jovens Gênios, offers a more fun and smart way to learn for kids aged 10-15. With our Machine Learning algorithms, we identify the main needs of the student and personalize his learning, recommending activities that he most needs to study. Everything happens in a gamified environment, where when completing the activities the student wins medals and battles with his friends, disputing the class ranking and new avatars. In addition, parents and teachers monitor all student performance.

Right now Jovens Gênios data is in MySQL databases. But I'm experimenting with Neo4j and the results until now are promising. I had a great onboarding in Neo4j getting my hands dirty in Neo4j Sandbox and watching several videos on Youtube.

I'm also experimenting the GRAND stack (Neo4j + GraphQL) and the experience is being great.

I'm excited to be part of this community!

Best regards,