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So I am about to create a new connection between Store and Products. The 'connection' is many to many. Now, this connection also contains other info such as startDate and endDate. My connection is whether it's better to just create a relationship or ...
Hi, I am trying to combine all these options in one query but I can't find a way to work it out MATCH (actor:Actor {uuid:...)-[:PLAYED_IN]->(movie)<-[:PLAYED_IN]-(coactor)-[:PLAYED_IN]->(movie2)<-[:PLAYED_IN]-(cocoactor) WHERE movie<movie2 AND coacto...
Hi, I noticed on a very simple query that apoc is faster. I really find that hard to believe and wanted to ask. This is the cypher query MATCH (one :Main {uuid : "d67910e9-e594-4217-89f9-c7673125d1d0" }) MATCH (two :Main {uuid: "a952eac7-5ef2-4a2c-a8...
Hi, I am very new in the subject of GDS and don't have a database (yet) to test some things. I am having difficulties in understanding the execution modes stream, write, mutate and stats. When to use one and when the other? Any use cases and reasons ...
I think this is a newbie question but cannot sort it out. Me unfinished query looks like this: MATCH (manufacturer:Manufacturer)-[:HAS_BRAND]->(brand:Brand) // Here I need something to filter manufacturers where ALL Brand nodes have the label Ready. ...