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since ‎07-22-2020

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Hi All, I am doing load testing of neo4j with JMeter, for 200 concurrent connections neo4j is working fine. But whenever I am increasing the load over server by increasing the number of concurrent connections from 200 to 300 or 400 or 600 in that cas...
Hi All, Can someone help me to connect jmeter with neo4j custom database like ABC. Jmeter bolt connection just asking for bolt url, userName and password. It doesn't ask for database name. Regards,
Hi All, I am very new in cypher language, can someone help me to translate the following gremlin queries to cypher query. g.V('v1').outE().valueMap().count() //Count all the out going path from given vertex.g.V('v2').repeat(out()).times(2).count() //...
Bulk command is getting failed with Unexpected node header type 'START_ID' actors.csv personId:ID,name,:LABEL keanu,"Keanu Reeves",Actor laurence,"Laurence Fishburne",Actor carrieanne,"Carrie-Anne Moss",Actor movies.csv movieId:ID,title,year:int,:LAB...
I have loaded following files from UI using "LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///movie.csv' as line return line" Load command executed successfully. but match(n) return n is showing 0 record on UI. LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///actors.csv' as l...