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Hi all, So I have an Aura pro server and want to upload a block of JSON data we're generating up to it. My little Node app, whilst generating this JSON, holds it in state, so I figured it would be simple enough to use the JS driver to send that up to...
Hi Neo4j'ers, Given Companies which have related PSCs (Persons of Significant Control). I'm trying to get an ordered list of those companies based on how many of their PSCs have a certain shareholding value. The following query returns a random set o...
I could use some advice on how to do a specific search. I apologise if this is a ridiculous easy thing to bother you with. Given a database with 2 different node types, Company and PSC, where Company has a one to many relationship with PSC nodes :IS_...
Hi Neo4J'ers, I'm new to this platform and I'm struggling with the varying methods to perform commands. I've read all sorts of previous questions and neo4j docs but nothing seems to work. The data I'm using is quite large, there's a people csv of ~8 ...