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I'm just trying to figure out how to get my SDN app connecting to Neo4j using a password coming from AWS Secrets Manager. It looks like Spring Cloud probably has what I want in there somewhere, but it's a huge project. Can anyone point to a simple ex...
I'm trying to create a development workflow where I can spin up a (slightly customised*) Neo4j Community Docker container on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux, then use an image of that instance to create other instances. When I set up an EC2 instance with my ins...
I'm trying to use strong types in my code, e.g. instead of using String in lots of places, using small classes like (Kotlin): UserId(val value: String) I'd like to use these all the way down to abstract Repository methods in order to maintain the ty...
Hi again @michael.simons1. (@gerrit.meier you may also be interested / helpful?) So, I've started a new Neo4j app using, and added the code from your Medium post about testing with TestContainers and @DataNeo4jTest. The problem I have...