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Hello I have a recipe database containing Recepies, Ingredients, etc... I want to do the following query: :param ingredients => ["potato", "tomato"]; :param preparationTimeRange => ["15"]; :param skillLevel => ["Easy"]; MATCH (node:Recipe) WITH no...
Hello I have the following nodes: Catalog{id, name}User{id, email} I want to: create Catalog node if there is no such oneadd relationship [CREATED_BY{createdOn:datetime()}] MERGE (c:Collection{name:"Holiday meals"}) WITH c MATCH (u:User{email:"test@...
Hello! I have the following query and it's working perfectly: MATCH (p1:Book{friendlyUrl:"a-modern-witch"})-[r:BOOK_ADDED_TO_CATALOG]->(catalog1:Catalog) WITH p1, collect(id(catalog1)) AS p1Catalog MATCH (p2:Book)-[:BOOK_ADDED_TO_CATALOG]->(catalog2:...
Hello everyone! I have a database with users, books and user catalogs with books. Users can follow each others. I want to create a recommendation algorithm that shows the top books added to another catalogs So.. here are the two queries. The only on...
I have an array of strings and I want to count how many times one string is found in the array. For example: ["Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", "Harr...
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