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I'm trying to load JSON files with NiFi. With apoc.load.json this works fine. But it would be interesting to load json on the fly without the need to save it first. Use Case: I read the data from a relational database, convert it into Json and import...
This is the question I get asked more often: Can I color nodes in Neo4j Desktop and Bloom according to their properties? Would you recommend this solution from stackoverflow or only under certain conditions? stackoverflow
Hello Community, I don't know about you, but I find it very annoying to have to synch my Cypher scripts manually. Is there any way to sync your favorite scripts with GitHub?
As I have read here there was an option to configure your own style: I can still take a look at my style but I cannot define it at the beginning. Is it even possible to specify that e.g. all company nodes are red, all employee nodes with a certain p...
What do I want to achieve? I am calling an API with Bearer Token. What doesn't work? In Neo4j Desktop the import runs without problems. As soon as I want to roll out the same coding for my instance on EC2 (with Docker), I get an error message. Error...