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I have some requirements of generating regular time series about certain paths that are created in our knowledge graph that we have created in neo4j. I have been thinking about ways to do this, and could only come up with a periodic set of queries th...
I have a part of a query query: OPTIONAL MATCH (chunk: CHUNK) WHERE (chunk)-[:CONTAINS_TOKEN]->(token1) AND (chunk)-[:CONTAINS_TOKEN]->(token2) above this specified two relations to the chunk of CONTAINS_TOKEN often the chunk node returned is ha...
I am trying to model a hyperedge in a graph, where a CHUNK node has relations to TOKEN nodes. First I need to create if not exists, the tokens. Then I need to check if the CHUNK with relations to these two nodes exists. If not exists, then I need to ...
Sorry about double post! Tried looking for solutions but did not find any and I am not sure how to approach this. I have a nested FOREACH loop that needs to match a tag to multiple labels. OPTIONAL MATCH (a: Article {URL: event.URL}) FOREACH(ignorem...
Hello, I want to MERGE a node: MERGE (a: Article {URL: event.URL}) If the node does not exist, I need to do this: ON CREATE FOREACH( site_name in CASE WHEN event.site_name is not null then [1] ELSE [] END | MERGE (w: Website { value: event.site_n...