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since ‎09-12-2019

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@michael.hunger I have 4 person nodes belong to same team where team name is a property in node, one person has a relation to a new node community as the score is > 100, as shown CREATE (Paul:Person {id:'1', name:'Paul', Team:'T1', Joined:datetime('2...
Hi @michael.hunger @Thomas_Silkjaer @alicia.frame1 I load data from Elasticsearch, using scrolled CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (cus:Customer) ASSERT cus.CIN IS UNIQUE CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (mer:Merchant) ASSERT mer.MerchantDetailsLocation IS UNIQUE​ CALL ap...
Hi, I connect to elasticsearch using apoc call"http://localhost:9200","index_name","doc",'size=1&scroll=5m',null) yield value May I how should I specify username and password if elastic has credentials I can find this below ElasticSearc...
Hi, May I know the RAM requirement for processing most of the traversal queries and run graph algorithms for 5 million nodes (9 labels) with 14million relationships (14 types), I have loaded the data from elastic, and data keep coming in like 10k per...
Hi, Using py2neo, I have a graph mygraph = Graph("bolt://localhost:7687", auth=("neo4j", "***")) I do all my queries in mygraph, also the graph algorithms betweenness_query = """CALL algo.betweenness('', '',{ concurrency: 8, direction: 'Both', ...