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since ‎08-27-2019

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Anyone seen problems with apoc.merge.node and fulltext index with a custom analyzer? My custom analyzer works perfectly with the cypher merge statement but the same merge with apoc seems to skip the index or at least the analyzer. Tested in neo 3.5.1...
I need to build in filtering of query results so that a user can tell upfront which nodetypes and relationshiptypes need to be considered in a query. I can of course add this to each query but when testing out the RBAC features of neo the idea came t...
Copied from initial slack discussion to keep track of the outcome: Currently I have a database with multiple sub graphs (disconnected from each other). This seems like a perfect fit to create a database for each sub graph. I understand I can supply t...
Will it be possible to combine results from multiple databases in a single query? Hive and Spark for example support something like this: SELECT, sales.amount,, hr.person FROM sales_db.sales AS sales INNER JOIN hr_db.employees as hr O...
When wanting to try neo4j 4.0 I downloaded Neo4j Desktop Canary. The "Open Browser" button opens the old Neo4j Browser and not the Neo4j Browser Canary. The old browser doesn't understand the new commands like :use databasename