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Problem MERGE (Z1:Z {z_id : 'z1'})-[:HAS_CHILD]->(z2:Z {z_id : 'z2'})-[:HAS_CHILD]->(z3:Z {z_id : 'z3'})-[:HAS_CHILD]->(z4:Z {z_id : 'z4'})-[:HAS_CHILD]->(z5:Z {z_id : 'z5'}) Create (x1:X {x_id: 'x1'})-[:HAS_OBJ]->(y1: Y {y_id: 'y1'})-[:HAS_OBJ]->(...
Sample Data: CREATE (n:Node {node_id : 'node-1'}); CREATE (n:Node {node_id : 'node-2'}); CREATE (n:Node {node_id : 'node-3'}); MATCH (s:Node {node_id: 'node-1'}), (d:Node {node_id: 'node-2'}) CREATE (s)-[:HAS_RELATION {relation_id: 'r1'}]->(d); MATC...
I'm searching for way of keeping different versions (modifications) in a Graph based on inheritance - Without the need of duplicating the graph Example: Consider a sample graph (v1), now we apply some modifications (let's assume only on relations - f...
Hi, Problem Using apoc.refactor.cloneNodes, I'm trying to duplicate a graph with a certain condition (all nodes containing a property {"version_id": "version-1"). Problem: extra connections between the previous (existing graph) & new graph also gets...
Hi consider the following query which returns 2 different paths (Starting with Catalog:catalog-1 to SalesCategory:scat-o ) as expected MATCH (c:Catalog { catalog_id: "catalog-1" }),(s:SalesCategory { sales_category_id: "scat-o" }), p = allShortestPat...