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I've looked everywhere, and can't find an answer, or a clean way to test. In the following scenario, would the Query result in more RAM usage after adding data to the Nodes? Setup UNWIND range(1,5) AS i MERGE (t:Test {id: i, name: "test " + i}) MERGE...
Indexing nodes by each entry in a list property Indices are primarily used to improve performance.Performant Cypher on large and complex data requires careful and clever management of lists, maps, and collections.Neo4j 4 will only support basic indic...
Neo4j 3.5.8 Neo4j and Cypher documentation everywhere for how to use parameters, and how they improve query performance. However, I've only found three well defined methods of passing parameters into a cypher query: Neo4j Browser or cypher-shell:para...
Issue Plugin loads and run fine in both the Desktop and the Server (other utilities still work fine in both environments). Checks // Function registered in dbms? CALL dbms.functions() YIELD name, description WHERE name CONTAINS "myplugin" RETURN name...
Hello All, Tony here. I'm a professional developer with >20 years of experience, primarily developing web CRMs, CMSs, eCom, and POS. I can't divulge much of my project until it opens in a few months, but... Neo4j looks like the best possible solutio...