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Dear friends, I need to know if at least one already works with embedded Neo4j in Java with APOC and GDS. If yes, could you copy/paste your code here to show how to integrate both extensions ? My code is String home = System.getProperty("user.home");...
Dear friends, I try to launch embedded database in Java using GDS. The execution of Main class gives me an error (There is no procedure with the name gds.list registered for this database instance). I give you the files (pom.xml and the Main class). ...
Dear all, I would like to know if some guys have developped Java codes running correclty on a server database AND an embedded database. I have a server with a neo4j database, I have developped some Java codes using Cypher (no OGM). My idea is to crea...
Dear all, I work on a Neo4j server with java, so I develop codes based on org.neo4j.driver.Session.beginTransaction() (Java driver). My methods are written as follows: public doSomething(arg) { Transaction tx = this.getTransaction();;...
Dear all, I look for the cypher code enable to return only one path. I assume that I have, A->B1->C1->D1->B1 and A->B2->C2->D2->B2. I would to retrieve the components of these 2 cycles. I try the following code but I retrieve 6 cycles MATCH path=(l:L...