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Hi everyone, I'm trying to load in a large dataset with about 6 million rows. on each row, I want to create 3000 relationships to other nodes. At first, I tried to run each connection 1 by 1 but this took a long time so I try to merge all 3000 relati...
Hi there, I am using the neo4j 3.5 docker with apoc but there seems to be an error executing it with the docker command. When I use docker exec -it neo4j-35-tmp cat /data/cy.cypher | cypher-shell -u neo4j -p Neo4ja it will throw an error Error: A J...
Hi there, I'm trying to load an existing graph.db folder into a neo4j 3.5.6 docker image but it fails because of permission errors. When I run the docker image without any data it works perfect and generates an empty database. However when I put the ...
Hi there, I have been building a model in the latest neo4j version 4.2.3. Using a simple model to upload a matrix for 13 x 30000 values as row -> column value. Querying this graph was fast in terms of 2-4ms for all values on my laptop. However I want...