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Hi all, I am running neo4j( in a docker container, hosted in Microsoft Azure) and currently using HTTP(7474) port. I want to run Neo4j in HTTPS(7473) port and for that I've tried updating "dbms.connector.https.enabled" parameter to "true" from the co...
Hi all. I've been using Neo4j in an Azure container instance. Sometimes the instance stops and all the data gets erased. Then I have no option but to load all the data back. It has happened a few times and is a very time-wasting process. What exactly...
Hi all, this is my query: match(n)-[r]->(m) where not in ['JANSSEN','PFIZER\BIONTECH','ANOFI PASTEUR','Hospital','Recovered'] and not in ['JANSSEN','PFIZER\BIONTECH','ANOFI PASTEUR','Hospital','Recovered'] return n,r,m The result of th...
Hi all. I am using neo4j in a Microsoft container instance (not a VM). I want to load data from a CSV to my database. Is there a way to do that without using a publically accessible link or without using Microsoft blob storage? Thanks in advance
Hi all, I am loading a csv which looks like this: When loaded in graph, the 'OTHER_MEDS' column has a datatype of string ofcourse (but in form of a list ie: it looks like a list). I now want that each 'VAERS_ID' node should be mapped to the nodes wh...