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Hello everyone!Iā€™m looking for a solution regarding my phd research where i need to do some data wrangling, ie. transform my dataset into format suitable for graph/network analysis or to be more precise - make relationship from the data based on the ...
Hi there! I'm currently exploring articles on Neo4j recommendation systems. Here's the problem: in a stock replenishment model for any given item there are at least five to six substitute items;there can also be a case where one "bundled" item can be...
Hi guys! I have one relationship type (exported products from one country to another) named "EXPORTED_PRODUCT". On top of that i've created second relationship type based on the product code, as stated here: MATCH (c1:Country)-[r:EXPORTED_PRODUCT]->(...
Hi everyone! I've created one specific relationship type based on the imported .csv file: LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///file.csv" AS csvLine MATCH (c1:Country {CountryISO3Digit: csvLine.i}), (c2:Country {CountryISO3Digit: csvLine.j}) CREATE (c1...
Hi everyone! I've made some calculations on my network (eigenvector, degree, etc.) and for some nodes i got the result 0 and null (and by null i mean i got nothing - blank record). What is the difference between those two outcomes?
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