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I am currently trying to return some aggregated data on a set of communities, however due to the way that my graph is set up, I am getting a duplicate of some nodes. MATCH (l:Order)-[]-(a:Equipment) WITH COLLECT(DISTINCT a) AS equipment, COLLECT(DIS...
I am having an issue running a query (that works in my dev environment but doesn't seem to in my production environment) and I have simplified it to the following for example: UNWIND $batch as row MATCH (leg:Leg {SYS_I: row.props.SYS_I}) RETURN leg ...
I am chasing a pattern of data like this: I can write the query for it pretty easily with the following: MATCH (from:Tank)<-[:DRAINS]-(l: Transfer)-[:FEEDS]->(to: Tank) MATCH (l)-[:IS]->(o:Code) WHERE from.community_id = 1043 RETURN from, to, l, o ...
I am trying to write a configuration map for gds.wcc.write that goes through a bridge node, with specified relationships. I think that I need cypher projection, because native projection didnt seem to be able to handle the jump, but potentially I am ...
I am a software engineer based out of Northern California working for a systems integrator. My primary focus is app development and overall systems architecture. I found Neo4J on a a project to try and identify potentially loss of liquid based off in...
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