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Using Neo4j Desktop 1.4.5, DBMSs 4.2.4, Browser 4.2.6 I want to MATCH and return <120 nodes with the following statement: MATCH (n:Score) MATCH (m:Component) MATCH (o:Interface) MATCH (p:Step) RETURN n, m, o, p When I run, the Browser window turns gr...
Hello. I am trying to learn how to load a json file and create the nodes and relationships. My json file has ~500K messages with 5 lists each: frame, ip, upd, eth, and data. I have learned how to read in the json file and then create one (1) message ...
I have loaded the APOC on my project DBMS. I can and have used the apoc.load.json( ) procedure. But some of the others aren't there. I get the following error using "call apoc.help("load"): There is no procedure with the name apoc.help regis...
I have a JSON file that I can read in, I think it returns a map. But I can't figure out how to make nodes and relationships using the map. Is there an easy way/process to read in a map and create all the nodes/relationships?
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