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Hi, I need to find the longest path between 2 nodes with the relationship HAS_INVOICE  MATCH p=(f:Company)-[r:HAS_INVOICE*1..10]->(t:Company) RETURN p; this query is working fine. Now I need only the relationship with invoiceState property with value...
Hi good morning, I am developing an application that updates my graph in real-time. I receive an invoice id that I have to update.In my case, the invoice is a Relationship between two subjects. I'm working Python development environment.I can read th...
I'm trying to read data from python. Here an example  cypher = """ MATCH ()-[r:HAS_INVOICE {invoiceId: toInteger($invoice_id)}]->() RETURN r { .*} as invoice """ row = tx.run(cypher, invoice_id=id).single() then I receive this error in from_ordina...
I have a file with more than 69141 transaction, per each transactions I need to update the relation PAGA setting paid to true. I use the following query : :auto USING PERIODIC COMMIT load CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///PaidTransactions.csv' as row FI...
Hy community, I am looking for a method (algorithm, APOC, ...) that allows me to find the greatest number of cycles within a connected graph. Looking to Dijkstra, K coloring, ... Any suggestions, please? Thank you have a nice week end.