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Sometimes we need to utilise triggers (apoc.trigger.add) to implement a functional constraint in database operation.The usual way of having this work is to make use of apoc.util.validate, and this raises an exception in Neo4j. Apart from parsing ever...
I am having a bit of difficulty knowing how to define a procedure using apoc.custom.declareProcedure / apoc.custom.asProcedure that modifies a node and returns nothing (void):   CALL apoc.custom.declareProcedure( 'updateNodeMetadata(node::NODE) :: ...
I have a query optimisation problem... What I want is effectively the same as the problem in computer science of managing multiple concurrent workers when you only care about the first successful result that you get back (fastest), and then you want ...
Given the following bit of cypher (node cardinality, where node n has > 1 connected B labelled nodes): MATCH (n)-[:HAS_B]->(:B) WHERE SIZE( (n)-[:HAS_B]->(:B) ) > 1 How would I further filter for where the set of connected B nodes have the same valu...
Today I discovered that the @neo4j_ignore schema directive exists. This is a great thing, but this isn't documented on which is the canonical source of documentation. What else is missing from the documentation? At a bare minimum we nee...