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MATCH (l:WORD)<--(k:SENTENCE) WITH l MATCH (l)-[*]-(n:SENTENCE) WHERE CONTAINS WITH AS NodeContainingTheWords, AS TheWord RETURN NodeContainingTheWords, TheWord Returns the following I want to group 1 and 2 so that I can...
To import a csv I used: //Import csv LOAD CSV FROM 'file:///spm.csv' AS line FIELDTERMINATOR ';' CREATE (:RED{ name: line[0], creationTime:timestamp()}) But since I am unlucky and live in a country with these letters: æ,ø,å (utf-8) I have not been ...
I am creating relations between nodes n and l. Sometimes duplicate relations occur. If a relation of this type already exists, it should merge. So to be clear: only the relation should merge - not the nodes. Unfortunately I have not found something ...
This CYPHER MATCH(a) WHERE ID(a) =1 MATCH(b) WHERE ID(b) = 2 CREATE (n)-[r]->(l) of course results in duplicate relationships when run twice which CYPHER should run to merge the duplicate relationships into one, without affecting the nodes?
These nodes have an array as property with start point and end point I wish to match the orange node based on the fact that the two gray nodes are part of the same array (the distance is in the same span) I wish to match the blue node based on the ...