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I'm referring to this post: Complex GraphQL Filtering With neo4j-graphql.js The "simple" filtering works as announced. However, as soon as I filter on a property of a dependent object in the graph, an empty result set is returned. My schema has a cus...
The result of a GraphQL query is usually a tree. Is there a way to retrieve a graph via GraphQL? To give an example: If I have a graph (in neo4j) where Joe, Amy and Bob are mutual friends, I can query like this: {Person(name: "Joe") { name fr...
Trying to use GraphQL Architect with a remote DB (neo4j 3.5), I get two errors: 'Boolean cannot represent a non boolean value: "true"', and the same for "false". GraphQL Architect wouldn't even start. There are no strings "true" or "false" as propert...
In a project, I need to keep track of complex attributes of things, composed of (at least) a value and a unit, or even a value, a unit (like '10 mm'), allowed tolerances, min and max values etc. What are the experiences in the community with using ei...
I built a page similar to the UserList.js (in the GRANDstack starter project, ui-react) where I can search for articles in our Product Data Graph. To delete an article from the list (and in the graph), I use the useMutation react hook from Apollo Ser...