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since ‎12-09-2021

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Hi, I recently noticed that simple label lookups like MATCH (n:Resource) RETURN n LIMIT 5 Take very long. When I ran PROFILE, I noticed that all label lookups were doing AllNodesScan instead of NodeByLabelScan. I don't recall deleting any special in...
Hi, I am using neosemantics (n10s) to import various ontologies into my graph. One issue I have encountered is that I want some properties to be treated as lists (which is solved by setting "handleMultival": "ARRAY" in the config, then setting a "mul...
Hi, I have been experiences extremely slow relationship merges to Neo4j. When rerunning a merge of data already inserted, the query runs 10x faster (as there are no writes to perform), but when none of the nodes / relationships exist, the query runs ...
I have a (relatively) nontrivial cypher query, but I have reduced it down to a small example that still breaks: CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("MyIndexName", "'My Search Phrase'~0.8") YIELD node WITH *, collect(node) as nodes RETURN nodes The pro...
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