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HI i once saw the meta graph but when I call the function now the Graph icon is missing - no visualization. Any HInt? Thanks rob
HI i want to list all Labels that are NOT starting with underscore ... MATCH (nodes) UNWIND nodes AS node WITH node WHERE labels(node)! =~ '_*' RETURN labels(node) I guess I'm running in the wrong direction .... or? This gives me an error Invalid in...
HI i just started using neovis. My example is simple and I get data - But with 2 labels I have "captions" problems . after draw the caption is "_node" Her is my code - the rest is the simple example from the github repo ... .... var conf...
Hi can I use param for label and/or type? :param NodeLabel => 'person'; :param RelType => 'has_mail'; MATCH (n1:$NodeLabel)-[r:$RelType]->(n2) RETURN r, n1, n2; in the browser I get an error : Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError: Invalid input '$...
Good Morning (at least where I am ) I to the following call CALL { WITH node1 MATCH (node1: status) -[ :next_status {status: "active"} ]-> (node2: status) WITH distinct node2, node1 ...