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I created a nested json file that contains >10K nodes, each node has >150 properties, I successfully loaded it into neo4j (4.3.1), but, of course, nodes were not created. I know that I can use "CREATE/MERGE (n:PROPERTY) [ON CREATE] SET " method, but...
When I mapped and imported data from mariaDB to neo4j, I received following exception, hope someone can point me to where I should look for solution. Thanks. Data imported with errors. Below the list of errors.For exception RuntimeException we got t...
I ran a cypher script file from command line, it created 4 nodes. Then I opened the database browser I saw all nodes had the same names. However, one of the imported nodes properties has unique values. How can I set node name by using that unique val...
Hi, I have read jdbc driver issue before, right I have the same issue. Here is the example I copied from neo4j website, it runs with jdbc error. import org.neo4j.driver.*; import static org.neo4j.driver.Values.parameters; public class SmallExample {...
I need to create company and parent company relations from a json file, however some companies do not have parent companies, like this example { "company_id" : 2032, "parent_company_id" : 343 } { "company_id" : 2332, "parent_company_id" : } It is p...
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