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Hello, How do I choose the relationship with the lowest property rule value between a set of nodes? Say this is my graph schema: For the Person node, how can I tune my cypher query so that it traverses through the PART_OF_LAW3 relationship type whic...
As a potential new course in the Graph Academy, would it be possible to have a segment on how to handle Super Nodes in Neo4j? The article by @david.allen clearly explains how to handle this problem, but it would be even better to have a hands-on tut...
Just noticed that the Graph Academy is going through a redesign and overhaul. Would it be possible to also add more courses on updating nodes on large graphs with a focus on efficiency and performance? Say in the millions, or billions, of nodes and r...
Hello, What is the best way to import 2,000,000 rows of data into Neo4j from a postgresql database? By following the docs on apoc.load.jdbc, I managed to install the postgresql driver and to query the postgresql by yielding as rows in the Neo4j brows...
Hello, Can you please confirm if my understanding below is correct? I think I managed to fix the error, but just want to double check here. Yesterday I upgraded from version 4.2.4 to 4.3.2, and this morning I found a new message error on one of my cy...