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Hello, With neo4j 4, do I have memory and cpu restrictions in community edition and can I use it freely in kubernetes? I found aa bunch of blogs, a lot say different things so I just want to check it out
Hello, Is it possible to write. and test gremlin with neo4j?
Hello guys! I have the following query MATCH (u: User)<-[:USER_PERMISSION]-(p: Permission) WHERE ID(u)=$userId RETURN p I get user and its permissions by userId, simple. I want to query by name if permissionName is passed in params and if not I jus...
Hello people, I have maybe silly question but regardless.. The query is the following: MATCH (c:Category)<-[:CATEGORY_PERMISSION]-(p:Permission) OPTIONAL MATCH (c)<-[:CATEGORY_STRUCTURE]-(child:Category)<-[:CATEGORY_PERMISSION]-(p2:Permission) RETURN...
I'm a CTO of the startup called NowMatters. Recently I started exploring Neo4j for the future of my company. I started using Neo4J 2 weeks ago and it blew me off. Also I able to write in 1 query what I wasn't able to do with SQL in 2 years and it is ...
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