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In networkx community API — Community detection for NetworkX 2 documentation the resolution parameter allows specifying the size of the communities. This parameter does not seem to be available in GDS. Am I overlooking it? If not, where/how is it cal...
What graph BI & dashboarding tools are available / can you recommend? Assuming data is available inside Neo4j I already have experimented a lot with Neo4j Bloom and can tell you that I like it a lot. However, I need something which is easier or simpl...
I have a graph where each node has a label (Person) and attribute foo which is binary (0,1). Now I want to create a child label i.e. Person:ptype1 for all Person nodes where the foo attribute is 1. apoc.create.setLabels - APOC Documentation and apoc....
In case a graph contains self-loops how can I disable the visualization of these self-loops inside either the neo4j browser or Bloom?
Given a Graph of children which each have a link to their parent, how can I perform an aggregation of these sub edges on the child level to a single edge at the top level which is simply the sum of the sub edges?