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HI there, I am running Neo4j Enterprise 3.5.19 in the official docker container (docker-neo4j-publish/Dockerfile at 2e3dda4f3b545c33fee51bc5fce089923a3cc1e7 · neo4j/docker-neo4j-publish · GitHub) and noticed that /logs/ only has debug.log and query.l...
My production Neo4j setup uses these steps for a non-interactive Neo4j install: I noticed today (12/3/2020) that the call to wget -O - fails with ~ wget -O - https://debian.neo4...
Hi there, It is taking my server about 3 days to delete just 20,000 nodes in my graph, and they have at most 50 relationships each. I am using Neo4j Python driver 1.7.6 to do this operation on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server with 32GB RAM running Neo4j En...
Hi there, encountered a strange situation after my Neo4j upgrade. This query works as expected: match (n:AWSTag) where n.key contains "aws:auto" return n.key, n.value order by n.key limit 300 as it returns a list of nodes with n.key = aws:autoscaling...