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I thought this would work: (get movies where the average birth year of the actors is greater than a certain value) MATCH (m:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(p:Person) WHERE AVG(p.born) > 1967 RETURN m.title, AVG(p.born) but I get the (obscure) error: Invalid u...
Some Cypher newbies might find this interesting. I was curious to find Movies and Stars that had a co-star with the name that starts with "Tom" but not return Tom. Of course, with any large enough DB, you're going to get many results, so it's good to...
After connecting to a different DB, the Browser lets you know that the DB has been switched but it doesn't tell you the DB name that was connected to. Connection updated Your have switched connection. It would be nice to know, as the Browser results...
This is weird. The follow works within python 3, but when running in Jupyter Lab, I get an odd Python error. When I upgraded to the latest Jupyter Lab, the problem went away! pip install neo4j from neo4j import GraphDatabase import neo4j print(neo4...
I was trying to do a CSV import and I had a stray extra space at the end of my column name. So, it became the equivalent of: LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///import.txt" AS row FIELDTERMINATOR '\t' WITH apoc.number.parseFloat(row.NonExistantFiel...