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I have a query like MATCH(ne1:Entity) WHERE "term1" in ne1.literal_forms MATCH(ne2:Entity) WHERE "term2" in ne2.literal_forms MATCH (n1:Mention: {ent_id:ne1.ent_id})<-[:HAS_SRC_ENT]-(ev:Evidence)-[:HAS_TRG_ENT]->(n2 {ent_id: ne2.ent_id}) WITH avg(ev....
I am trying to install neo4j bloom to a neo4j enterprise server. The .jar is placed within $NEO4J_HOME/plugins with correct permission and my bloom.license file is placed in NEO4j_HOME. I have updated the neo4j.conf follow like: dbms.unmanaged_extens...
I am following the documentation to write relationships to aa neo4j db. I am able to write nodes but for relationships I get the following stack trace: 21/04/13 13:59:23 WARN SchemaService: Switching to query schema resolution 21/04/13 13:59:23 WARN ...
I will soon be throwing a bunch of queries at a neo4j community instance and was wondering what sorts of modifications I could make to the neo4j.conf to prevent the server from getting bogged down. Already I have made the following changes: NEO4J_dbm...
I have a decently large graph (1.8 billion nodes and roughly the same number of relationships) where I am performing the follow query: MATCH (n:Article) WHERE IN $pmids MATCH (n)-[:HAS_MENTION]->(m:Mention) WITH n, collect(m) as mentions RETURN ...
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