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since ‎06-23-2020

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Hi all, I love the theory of language and also the theory of graphs. In this article I talk about the liar paradox and of the paradox of Epimenedes and I created my version of the graph in Neo4j. The liar par...
TITLE: From Neo4j graph to Virtual Reality concept map. I love Graph Theory and VR, I’ve been using Neo4j since March 2020 and Oculus Rift from march 2019. The first thing I did in Neo4j is the graphdb for my non-profit association: a...
VERSION NEO4J 4.0.4 I wrote this on a subset of the Movie db: MATCH (P:Person{name:"Diane Keaton"}),(P2:Person{name:"Julia Roberts"}) merge (P)-[:KNOW]-(P2) MERGE (P2)-[:FOLLOW]->(P) The results are : (Diane)-[:Know]>(Julia) (Julia)-[:Follow]->(Diane...
Hi all, Is possible to know the display x,y position of a matched node in Desktop browser? Some library can ?!? Thank you Alessio
Hi, I have this model: Nodes: LESSON - Properies: Title TEACHER - Properties: Name Relationship: TEACHER->LESSON relationship named SPEAKER - Properties: Years (example: [2011,2012,2013]) Situation: The same LESSON can have different TEACHER in diffe...