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This gives me wrong result, an unexpected behavior: MATCH (n) WHERE id(n) = 123 OPTIONAL MATCH (a:A) -- (n) WITH n, a, collect( as actor OPTIONAL MATCH (a) -- (n) When I repeat the WHERE clause, it gives me the correct result: MATCH (n) WHER...
I need node id as property, how can I achieve? RETURN { id(u): 23, value: 'value' } // ERROR Result: { 23: 23, value: 'value' }
Hi, I am back after 2 years. I was using neo4j driver successfully before, but now it does not return any data. Not sure if there is any changes for this: (I am now using latest neo4j official driver) with driver.session() as session: result = ...
Hello, I am Bhojendra Rauniyar and I am a Software Engineer with no IT educational environment. I have gained this level from my own effort by learning and applying best practices in different companies that I have worked for. Although, I expertise i...
Today, after watching another cs50 video for load balancing, they suggested database partitioning in sql. For eg. Rather than having flights table; separate them into flights_domestic and flights_international. So, I would like to know implementing i...