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Hello, I have a following model: (Client)-[:HAS_SPONSOR]->(Client) and (Client)-[:HAS_LEADER]->(Client) Now starting from Client X I would like to traverse the sponsorship tree UNTIL: either the max number of hops (maxHops) has been reached ORthe wh...
Hello, I have the following path: (a:Node)-[REL1]->(b:Node)-[REL1]->(c:Node)-[REL2]-(d:Node)-[REL1]->(e:Node)-[REL2]->(f:Node) Now, REL1 and REL2 can be modelled either as 2 relationship types that can COEXIST between 2 nodes or the same relationshi...
Hello, I am building a graphql api on the top of neo4j. My model looks like following: (Client)-[:HAS_SPONSOR]->(Client) (Client)-[:MADE]->(Order) Now, when listing all orders for my downline (clients up to N levels below me) I end up with the follo...
Hello, could someone please help, it's rather urgent. I am using an old version of neo4j-graphql-js (with grandstack) but I imagine it could be the same problem with neo4j-graphql. My graph is (Client)-[:HAS_SPONSOR]->(Client) Client type in schema: ...
Hello, I have raised this problem on discord, hopefully, it will get some more attention here. My model: Period (id, year, startDate, endDate, type) Indices are on all fields. startDate and endDate are of type Date Client(login, type) Indices are on...
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