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Hi, First off, I set the parameter: And then I use the parameter but it has the following warning. The statement refers to a parameter that was not provided in the request. Did not supply query with enough parameters. The produced query plan will n...
Hi, How do I create a new database (sub graph) according to my existed graph? For example: MATCH (n: User) -[r: KNOW]-(m: User) WHERE n.age < 30 and m.age < 30 RETURN n, r, m The new database would be consisted of n, r, m Thanks! The reason why I wa...
Hi, I have the following cypher: batch size is 10k UNWIND $batch as row MATCH (from:Project) WHERE = row.from_id MATCH (to:Project_Tag) WHERE = row.to_id MERGE (from)-[r:HAS_TAG]-(to) ON MATCH SET =,r.website_page_...
Hi guys, The neo4j browser is not working. The neo4j browser is always loading and the open button is unable to click. I am using 1.3.11, neo4j version is 4.1, OS is win10 PS: re-install the desktop does not help as well as open it by administrator...
Hi guys, I just wanna know how Weighted Jaccard Similarity calculate the scores. The documentation is not so clear to me. For example I have graph as followed: Both scores are 0.11111 what is the formula for calculating the weighted similarity scor...