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Hi, We are indexing a property of a node and the server is doing something (I see increments in the physical disk size of the index) but it is running for several days (more than a week) and it doesn't seem near completion. For me several days of ind...
Hi, I was using neo4j-import tool in order to create a big database, and after some hours working without any problem, until it stopped with the " Exception in the page eviction thread" error. What should I look in order to see wh...
Hi, We plan to do our import using the neo4j-import but the uniqueness of the nodes is given by the composite key of 2 properties. I haven't been able to find how to specify composite keys with neo4j-import. Is it something like (key1, key2):ID? what...
I need to create a composite constraint using 3 fields: One with completely random stringsAnother one that's numeric and monotonically increasingA third one that's skewed towards low valued integers around 0. When defining the constraint, has the ord...
Hi, I'm finding a weird behavior when using composite indexes. Say I have nodes :Output uniquely identified by tx_hash and output_index. tx_hash is a hash string of 64 random characters from a hash functionoutput_index is an integer in the close to 0...
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