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Howdy, I have a FREE AuraDB server I am trying to test the connection string of in a couple of different ways. Neither are working. 1. Postman Using Post > neo4j+s:// Auth > Basic > uname | pword Body > { "statements": [{ "s...
Greetings, We are considering moving our Neo4j Community 3.5.1 database from VMs to AuraDB, and in so doing, we have created a db on the AuraDB Free version to test whether we can actually get our current data into AuraDB. At present, we cannot. I've...
Howdy, I'm using Neo4j 3.5.6 in a Node.js app. I have a data set of existing nodes containing a b:Beer that can have 1 or more relationships to a h:Hop. I am trying to write a query that allows for sometimes having only 1 hop relating to 1 beer, or s...
Greetings, I am looking to connect to my local Neo4j Datastore using the Tableau BI Connector. The connections seem to be working, the schema of my Neo4j datastore is created as expected, but when I click Update Now in Tableau to extract any actual d...
Greetings, I am using GrapheneDB 3.2 and node.js on Heroku. How can I set an image link in a node's property and have that image show in the app? Match (b:Beer) Set b.image = '<img src="">' I know I have the node code set up...
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