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Node Clone
since ‎02-04-2019

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Dear Community. I have 2 cyphers which - on the surface - appear to be identical except for the property they are setting. The first one works as it should; the second "clone" does not. Could you have a look: Query 1. Goal is to add the root PRO...
Dear Community. I am wondering if someone can help explain this behaviour. (4.2.5, desjtop) I have a database - profileid0 - which I want to copy to profileid361. I am using the following command: neo4j-admin copy --from-database profileid0 --to-da...
This was a painful lesson. I recently started using neo4j-admin copy ... which is great. But after hours of trying to figure out why the copied version as dramatically slower than the original, I discovered that I have to create all the indexes aga...
Hello Community. I have an issue with 4.1.0 which seems to only show up if I create 2 databases in my desktop. The specific error message is: Database failed to start: DB [database-cb86baa1-23ed-4a1d-9b4d-4498a4805c93] 'v4.1.0' exited with status '...
Dear Community. I am using the latest installation + the desktop browser. I am loading up a number of CSV files which is working great - except lately I am getting syntax errors when I insert comments within the Cypher script. Here is the offending...
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