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I've recently upgraded from 4.3.3 to 4.4.2. On 4.3.3 I used the neo4j-admin import tool to import some data on a fresh database. However, since upgrading to 4.4.2 and using the same tool on the same CSV files I am getting incorrect data being inserte...
I'm regularly making cypher queries to insert data in to Neo4j. Every now and then Neo4j will hang for around 3-5 minutes, and I'm not able to run any queries against the database. What usually causes this? I've checked debug.log and I haven't found ...
Hello there, I have a script that runs a few hundred thousand individual transactions to insert data in to Neo4j. Each of these Cypher queries uses the exact same format -- it's just the parameters that change from one query to the next. However, at ...
Neo4j Version: 4.3.6 I'm using neo4j-admin import to import some data in to a fresh database. I'm using a text index for one of the types of nodes, and whilst almost all of the :IDs are in the region of 50-100 bytes in length, there is the odd one th...
I have a database that is roughly 1200GB. I am running it on a server with 128GB of RAM, and 32GB of swap memory. These are my neo4j.conf settings: dbms.memory.heap.initial_size=16g dbms.memory.heap.max_size=16g dbms.memory.pagecache.size=64g Over t...