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Hi all, not sure if this the right place to post this but I will give it a go anyway! I am using a Docker image of Neo4j and in the Dockerfile it is set to always use the latest image. This has been working perfectly for quite some time until the las...
Hi all, I have a cypher query that I am struggling to get to work correctly. Basically I have a graph loaded to my db. I then need to be able to run a query to remove any nodes and edges that are not either directly related to to one or more node nam...
I have a query, when using the Neo4j browser and if you click on a label you often get to see a graph visual that seems to contain more information than the raw query results itself for example Looking at the above image shows a lot of nodes and mul...
Hi, now I know this must be simple and I have Googled and searched the forum but I am struggling the responses that I have come across, been looking at this too. What I am trying to MATCH (mig:Process)-[rel:SUB_PROCESS|SPECIAL_PROCESS]-(process:Proc...
Hi all, I am using apoc procedures to perform a breadth first search but I think I have not quite gotten the syntax right. I have my database of dependencies loaded and as an example if I execute this cypher match (n:Node)-[:Depends_On]->(e:Node) whe...
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