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<Please keep the following things in mind: did you search for what you want to ask before posting?please use tags for additional infouse a self-descriptive title Please format code + Cypher statements with the code </> icon, it's much easier to read....
Hi, I use neo4j browser and i have a Q. Can I import a csv file like this format? (no column data on top) LOAD CSV FROM '{csv-dir}/neo4j-sample-data.csv' AS info FIELDTERMINATOR ',' CREATE (:Info { name: info[1].name, count:info[1].count. asset_id:i...
Hello, according to 'attack_no', I want to connect 'from_id' 'to_id'. I want connect each other. But, My Result is.. connect one by one. what is wrong my query? this is my query. LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///test.csv' AS attackgraph MERGE (e...
Hello, I try import csv file in javascript, but failed. step1. Create Local database in neo4jtool step2. write in javascript const neo4j = require("neo4j-driver"); const driver = neo4j.driver("bolt://localhost:7687", neo4j.auth.basic("TestGraph", ...
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