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I had a dataset of students, i want to predict the grade of the students for given attributes. I can load data into neo4j. But how can I train the data using a regression model on neo4j?
I am trying to return similar relationships if a similar relationship counts greater than some value for a given node. //maxcount MATCH path = (e1:student{FN:'Holli'}) -->(n)<--(e2:student) with count(n) as n,e1,e2 ...
I am facing difficulty to retrieve the highest no of relationships shared by two nodes from the data. i am able to count highest no of relations but hard to show in a graph. MATCH path = (e1:Employee) -->(n)<--(e2:Employee) WITH count(n) a...
I want to count the number of common relations shared by two employee nodes. I will attach my query // Employee data :auto USING PERIODIC COMMIT 5 LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///y.csv' AS line MERGE (a:Employee {empid:line.EmpID}) ON CREATE S...
I have a dataset of the list of employees working for a company, the dataset consists of different columns. I had loaded this dataset in neo4j idle using cypher query. I had created nodes and relationships between rows and columns. my cypher query :a...