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since ‎06-11-2020

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Hi, I upgraded my Neo4j docker container from 4.2.4 to 4.4.2 today, and I'm facing some huge performance issues when querying a simple variable length path traversal. A query like the following: MATCH (t:Tree)-[:HAS_CHILD_BLOB|HAS_CHILD_TREE*]->(b:Bl...
Hi, I'm interested by using Neo4j as a version control database for a large hierarchical tree (which is a filesystem like a source code tree, or bigger). My pet project is neogit, an implementation of a git client, backed by Neo4J. Git uses a Merkle-...
Hi, I'm interested in building complex Python app based on Neo4j. As I'm also influenced by software architecture, TDD and testability, I recently found an amazing online book "Architecture Patterns with Python" Among the architectural patterns pres...
Hi, I'm using neo4j to store filesystems and version them. I have reimplemented the concept of git database with Trees, Blobs and SHA1 to reuse the same hierarchy if it already exists. Git database concepts: My implementation so far: You can see th...