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Below is the example in Neo4j algorithm book. What are other choices for the relationship orientation? What does undirected mean? My relationships are directed. I changed the orientation to directed but it says it is not an option. Thanks in advance....
I am not clear about how linked lists work. If I have several linked list intertwined: (A)-[:ConnectsTo]->(M)-[:ConnectsTo]->(B) (B)-[:ConnectsTo]->(M)-[:ConnectsTo]->(C) It would appear as A is connected to C through M, but that is not what I intend...
Hello, here is my code: match (c:People)-[:LIKES]->(a:Object{objectName:'Skittles'}) WITH collect(c) as set1 match (d:People)-[: LIKES]->(a: Object{objectName:'Cheerios'}) WITH collect(d) as set2 RETURN apoc.coll.intersection(set1, set2) as set3 when...
I am trying to import a graphml file into Neo4j, but I got the java.io.FileNotFoundException error. I have already copy the file into the import folder, but I still have this problem. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.
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