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Node Clone
since ‎06-06-2020

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This has been asked before. I am just checking if we found a better way since this was posted:
I am using the cloneNodes procedure for cloning a node with relationships: apoc.refactor.cloneNodes(nodes :: LIST? OF NODE?, withRelationships = false :: BOOLEAN?, skipProperties = [] :: LIST? OF STRING?) This procedure accept properties that can be ...
I need some help figuring out if my use-case requires atomic updates (using APOC) or a property setter is enough. My doubt arises because all the write queries in my Java WebApp use an auto-commit transaction with no retries. I have a node that keeps...
In the following example: CREATE (:A)-[:AB{list:['k1:v1', 'k2:v2']}]->(:B) CREATE (:A)-[:AB{list:['k2:v2']}]->(:B) To find path with AB.list having an element k1:v1, I can use the following query: WITH 'k1:v1' AS query MATCH path = (:A)-[ab:AB]->(:B...
I am working on some conditional queries and looking for some guidance over recommended practices. Can this query be optimized further? I am using version 4.2.1. EDIT: Please note, the query needs to return the result of each branch. In my case, auth...